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Baby Crib Mobile with Lights, Music, and Projection for Infants 0-6 Months

Baby Crib Mobile with Lights, Music, and Projection for Infants 0-6 Months

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Product Description:

Baby Teether Toys:

This baby crib mobile features hanging teether rattle toys that engage your baby's attention and help calm their restlessness.

Multifunctional Mode:

The crib mobile offers a 360° soothing rotation function with three timing modes (20min, 40min, 60min). It can be set to rotate only, play music only, or do both simultaneously, all controlled conveniently via remote control.

Music and Projection:

Includes an early learning remote control baby ball with 200,000 music tracks and a starlight projector function. Various modes can be adjusted with the remote control to create a comfortable and soothing environment for your baby to fall asleep.

Easy to Install:

The baby crib mobile is easy and convenient to install. It comes with screwdriver tools and clear instructions to help you assemble the mobile effortlessly.

Best Gift:

This baby crib mobile makes an excellent gift for newborns. It's ideal for birthdays and perfect for enjoying fun and laughter with your baby while enhancing parent-child interaction and bonding.

Create a soothing and engaging environment for your baby with this versatile and easy-to-install crib mobile, complete with music, projection, and teething toys

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