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Baby Head Protector Backpack Pillow - Safety Cushion for Kids 1-3 Years

Baby Head Protector Backpack Pillow - Safety Cushion for Kids 1-3 Years

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Soft & Breathable:

Crafted from super soft crystal velvet fabric with high-elastic PP cotton filler for ultimate comfort.

Head and Back Safety Function:

Designed to prevent injuries, this protector is suitable for toddlers aged 1-3 years, ensuring safety during play.

Adjustable Plush Straps:

Features shoulder and chest belts that adapt to your baby's size, allowing freedom to walk, crawl, and run comfortably.

Adorable Cartoon Appearance:

This cute design is beloved by babies and can be used as both a protective pad and a toy.

Keep your toddler safe and comfortable with this soft, breathable, and adjustable protector, perfect for preventing injuries and providing a fun, adorable backpiece

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