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Mambobaby Non-Inflatable Baby Swimming Float Seat - Pool Toy Swimming Ring for Babies

Mambobaby Non-Inflatable Baby Swimming Float Seat - Pool Toy Swimming Ring for Babies

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PU & TPU COVER: Crafted from premium swimsuit fabric wrapped in PU or TPU film, this baby swim buoy looks like leather but feels like skin. It is quick-drying and resistant to bacteria.

3D COVER: The outer layer is made of soft cloth similar to swimsuit fabric, which is soft, breathable, and elastic.

Solid Liner: The inside contains pearl foam fully sealed with a waterproof membrane, making it easy to dry.

Upgraded Safety Buckle: The upgraded safety buckle offers 5 support points and a perfect 40° angle to maintain balance and prevent tipping over. It is designed for both backstroke and breaststroke, with different buckles. Backstroke is suitable for babies 3-6 months old, and breaststroke is suitable for babies 3-24 months old.

Size and Fit: Suitable for children weighing 13 to 40 pounds (6-18 kg) and aged 3 to 24 months. The adjustable buckle on the back fits most baby sizes, making it easy to adjust and secure. Simply unzip the safety clip, put it on, and tighten as needed to avoid slipping, allowing for free movement in a comfortable position.

100% Safe Infant Swimming Training Vest: This baby float includes upgraded buckles and straps to prevent slipping, with a one-touch locker for added safety. It features patented pearl foam technology, ensuring no worries about air leakage.

Note: This is not a lifesaving device. Please use it under continuous adult supervision

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